The Worlds Fastest Smoothie

        The most important things that you should be ingesting is fresh greens and fresh juices. Often times we have limited time to make a salad, and are unable to ingest the proper amount nutrients that we need to help ward of diseases. This smoothie is quick to make, every morning it takes me only 5 minutes to blend. Fully fueled and ready to charge through the day, I know I have had my intake of vital nutrition to support my system. You will love the taste as well! So go ahead and sneak some naughty food at the end of your night, knowing you gave your body everything it needs for energy, healthy and inner glow.

Below is a link to the silicone muffin cups


 So the pic above is my juice in the fridge when I am ready to freeze them.

I call them "nuggets" . One is a juice and the other a smoothie. They both are amazing combed together because one is more bitter and the other sweeter.

The Juice

In the juice I usually include beets, carrots, celery, ginger and apple. You can add and subtract from that list to include what is available.

I normally juice an make the smoothie on alternating schedules so I don't have to make everything at once. When a huge batch of smoothie I normally make it and freeze it on the same day to preserve the nutrients.

The Smoothie

In the smoothie I include water, spinach, kale, parsley, arugula, broccoli, dill, flaxseed mix, bee pollen, spirulina, heap seed hearts, coco powder and berries (black, raspberry,  blueberry, acai).  That is also a sample list, you can add and subtract as you wish. Greens are vital to your health and getting a daily sizing of it in your juice every morning will help prevent diseases.

Preparing the Smoothie

It takes 1 minute to make this movie. For those who say you don't have time to make breakfast you will be able to make this so fast you won't even know what to do with your spare time...that's always good. After I have frozen my juice and smoothie nuggets they are easy to combine together into a smoothie.

Final Step

Take one of each and combine with coconut or hemp milk, kiefer, yogurt or orange juice....and voila! Experiment with other liquids to mix with. You can also add cologne powder and whey powder.